The company has two plants, in two neighboring villages Podvysoká and Olešná.

Plant Podvysoká

  • its total area is 4400m² of which 1500m² is production space and 600m² is storage space
  • management of company, technological officies and warehouse

Technological possibilities:

  • cutting of the material – slitting, CNC sawing machine, CNC plasma
  • splitting treatment – CNC lathe work, CNC centre, CNC drilling machine
  • gearing – generating, broaching, slotting
  • tool workplace – production of gripping and broaching tools
  • welding workplace
  • grinding
  • vulcanization of rubber and silicone
  • assembly shop of conveyor chains and gearboxes
  • surface treatment – powder paintshop

Plant Olešná

  • its total area is 1100m² of which 860m² is production space and storage space is 100m²

Technological possibilities:

  • hot and cold forming – hydraulic and excentric press
  • heat treatment of materials – induction hardening, chamber furnace (hardening, annealing, cementation)
  • sand blast
  • coating and hard surfacing
  • assembly workplace for the production of scythes
  • tool works – production of working and cutting tools and devices